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scent of the ocean. sound of waves. shades of blue, brown, pink and white. sandals, sunsets, snowflakes, seashells...
windows into my soul
salty-seaaa: i am absolutely 100% in love with your blog. its perfect <3

awwwww, you’re awesome!!!! thank you so much. love yours too. it’s so serene and nostalgic.

happy holidays {{{hugs}}}

asha-renee: oh golly, lets go to the mountains and have a snow ball fight :D

hahaha, sounds like fun, lets…. :D

Ditto!!!  <3


My life isn’t perfect, but it’s so fucking beautiful, I could cry.

breathe-e: I can't explain how much I love your blog! It's so peaceful and relaxing! Keep up the great work beautiful! (: xx

Thank you soooo much!!! Urs is equally as great!!! I loved the feeling I got when I scrolled through.

As for keeping up… I haven’t been doing a great job with that lately. I’ve been considering changing tumblr names and starting new. Idk… Anyway, thanks for your kindness.  :)))

w-aanderlust: oh wow, your tumblr looks so peaceful ! so amazing

Awwww, thanks a bunch!!! :D I’m glad you felt the peace. It’s what I wanted for me and this tumblr.

denimmouzon: Blanco!!!! Hot like blue flame, love it.

hahaha, thank you!!!  :D